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Rachel Pally Anya maxi dress

¡Hola! Este es un post de último minuto, quería saber su opinión sobre este vestido de Rachel Pally que encontré en Shopbop. Sé que puede parecer una prenda muy básica pero de eso se trata. Este vestido atemporal puede amoldarse a todas tus necesidades: desde un "look playero” a un "look maxi invernal" y hasta un "look de gala”. Todo depende con qué te lo pongas. Ahora, la pregunta del millón: ¿negro o blanco? Help!
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Hello! This is a last minute post but just want to share with you this lovely dress from Rachel Pally I found at Shopbop. I know it may seem like a basic piece but its not! This is actually a perfect timeless dress you can afford to use as you want: from a "glam beach look" to a “winter maxi look” or even to a "gala look”. It depends how you wear it, its totally on you! I have so many combination in my mind right now that I cant wait to have this dress with me! But now the big question is: black or white? Help!
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Yulie dijo...

perfect dress love the white one !!!

Maybe we follow each other !?
Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

Greetings <3

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