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Valentina Acqua Floreale by Valentino

Cada vez son más continuos los posts sobre belleza y cuidados, imprescindibles y necesarios para cualquiera. Hoy le toca a una de las fragancias que han robado mi corazón: Valentina Acqua Floreale y estoy enganchadíma a ella. Mi hermana me la presentó cuando estuvo de visita en Barcelona este verano y desde entonces es la única que uso (ojo que no uso perfume todos los días). Su fragancia es ligera y floral (mimosa, jazmín, flor de naranjo, nardo) Un perfume natural, fresco, alegre y muy agradable. El frasco me encanta, es una monada, esta versión de Valentina es más claro y luminosa. ¿Qué dicen, se animan?

“Valentino’s Valentina Acqua Floreale is an exquisite luminous White Floral fragrance that conjures up an Italian romance with all it’s splendour, class, elegance, and wistfulness. It’s a moonlit walk in Rome, it’s hide-and-seek amongst the orange trees in a Sicilian orchard or it’s a picnic in the fields of Tuscany. This fragrance has a graceful beauty and an Italian richness that makes one feel like a Valentino-wearing socialite.
Marked as a citrus floral, the top note of Calabrian Bergamot makes for a fresher and crisp initial burst rather than an overly zingy or tart smell found in other citrus florals. This crisp bergamot complements the delicate Orange Blossom and Neroli giving the impression of classic Spring-like flowers along with their stems and leaves, rather than the distilled version of the flower notes themselves. It’s very natural and environmental rather than perfumy. It’s a dance amongst the orange trees, flitting in between fragile blooms and earthy greens.
After a brief while, sparkling Mimose enters the mix to add a sugar-spun sweetness to rich Tuberose and Jasmine flowers. This perfect combination keeps the fragrance light and effervescent while still feeling the regal qualities of the usual heady tuberose. These flowers envelope each other in a romantic picnic of scents.
The dry down of this fragrance is definitely the moonlit walk through Rome. Magic is in the air as warm Patchouli and golden Amber create seduction alongside a deep Tuberose that lingers well into the night of romance” Text source: The Perfume Epert

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saralookbook · Theprettythings dijo...

Pues justamente esty buscando nuevo perfume lo probare !!

Unknown dijo...

El anuncio me encanta! Yo estoy loca con mi Halloween, pero a ver si la pruebo :)

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